Big Sur's Top Ten Campgrounds to Stay at for beginners


These are the best places to camp in Big Sur and must-know tips from locals about how to prepare for your trip! We have been camping in Big Sur a handful of times and it's one of our most favored places to camp. The coastline in Big Sur is absolutely stunning and this area is one stunning camping spots. Since we are keen to avoid summer crowds, we usually visit the region in the spring or fall. Travelling during this time of year may mean beautiful sunsets, WebTreasure Hunter easy hikes and mild weather in the day, and lower temperatures at night. Big Sur is an excellent camping spot throughout the year. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park should not be confused with Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. It has just two campsites, however it is situated on the bluff over McWay Falls. There are a variety of hiking trails available in and around Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park including Pheiffer Falls, a hike through giant redwoods and 60-foot-high waterfall. Camping fees at Pfeiffer Big Sur are $35-$50 per night. I didn't include Julia Pfeiffer Burns merely because it's difficult to obtain a reservation at one of the two locations, so your best bet is to stay at Pfeiffer Big Sur if you want to be near McWay Falls. This waterfall is 15 minutes away from the campsite. Kirk Creek will always be one of our top campsites in Big Sur. It's situated right on the bluff that overlooks the ocean. We were lucky enough to get there right as another camping party was packing up, and snagged their site right along the cliff's edge. The majority of sites are reserved and the remaining half are available on a priority, one-time basis. Be prepared for little or no shade at this camping site. I strongly recommend bringing an umbrella pop-up. Camping fees are $35 per night. Fernwood Resort was our campsite in the redwoods. My only complaint about Fernwood (and other campgrounds located in the redwoods) in the winter months is that it's around 10 degrees colder than a campground with full sun. Fernwood has a general store and restaurant which is perfect to grab a quick meal or when you're not sure what to do. Fernwood Resort offers tent sites beginning at $65 per night. Andrew Molera's 24 campsites are only be reached by hiking, and therefore it's not the best place for car camping. It's worth the walk to reach the campsites , if you're prepared with the appropriate equipment. Each campsite has tables for picnics as well as a fire pit and grill, in addition to an area to store food. There are also restrooms and garbage bins near the camping areas, so you are not completely roughing it. To find the park find mile marker 51.2 on Highway 1, about 21 miles to the south of Carmel. All sites are first-come first-served. Limekiln State Park is situated in the redwoods 56 miles south of Carmel The park has 29 camping spots along the creek along the beachfront as well as in the forest. The park was once the site of a limekiln operation and just a short walk from your camping spot there is a chance to visit the remains of the limekiln in addition to walks along the shoreline as well as Limekiln Falls. Each campsite has a picnic table and a fire ring. Camping sites can be reserved up to 6 months in advance. The cost is $35 per night. Plaskett Creek campground is located directly across from Sand Dollar beach. It has shade for all seasons, flush toilets, and running water. There are 44 camping sites amid the vast Monterey Pines and the campground is within walking distance of the Willet hike trail. Each site comes with camping fire rings and a picnic table. There are no hook-ups at this campground. For campervans , travel trailers, or campervans camping, the majority of campsites are simple to navigate. Camping fees are 35 dollars per night. We are big fans of packing light when camping and have created a fantastic kit, which we used when camping in Big Sur. Andrew Molera State Park is only accessible via hike-in You'll want to limit what you bring to the campground. Camping Stove The Stove for Camping: We've done extensive research on the best and lightest gear for backpacking. The stove for backpacking is small and weighs almost nothing. Cookware We love this small cookware set since it's extremely compact. Sleeping Bags The sleeping bag is very warm and receives great reviews. Tent: We are in love with this light Marmot 2-person tent. These sleeping pads are incredible! Backpacks: If you're looking for a strong light, lightweight, and affordable backpack, we recommend the Teton Scout. Portable Charger: We have this charger that can charge our smartphones. We recommend visiting Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel in the event that you ever find yourself in Big Sur. It's one of the most beautiful places to visit in Central California. For more fantastic camping spots in the United States, see our Havasu Falls travel tips, Yellowstone camping tips, and the best camping spots in California.

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