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It's not uncommon for people mistakenly refer to charcoal as coal. In fact, one might think that they are the same. They are not the same in fact, and you'll do more harm than good when you trade one for other. While coal is a naturally-formed mineral over millions of years, charcoal is a manufactured product that is made of wood. Although coal in its natural state is not used by itself in a barbeque or smoker however, it is often used in charcoal briquettes to enhance the energy density. Both of these are used to create heat, however for different purposes. We'll first look at how each carbon compounds is created before discussing their best uses. Charcoal is a carbon-based substance that is left after water and other volatile substances have been eliminated from wood or other combustible biomass that is in a low oxygen atmosphere. This process, which is known as pyrolysis, may take many days and is usually carried out in silos or in a specialized charcoal kiln. This is due to the fact that charcoal is not able to absorb enough oxygen to burn, which stops it from combusting. This results in the more energy-dense charcoal that is around a quarter of initial weight. Due to its high energy density, lump charcoal has a cleaner burn with less smoke, and is more hot than chunks of wood. Avid charcoal BBQ fans can be divided into two types. The first uses lumps, while the other prefers brquettes. If you're new to charcoal, this might be confusing. This is a quick overview of how these two fuel sources differ one from the other. Lump is charcoal at its purest form. Lump charcoal is made by the same process as mentioned earlier, and without any added ingredients. Lump charcoal is generally preferred over briquettes because it usually burns cleaner and hotter. Lump charcoal burns faster than briquettes and it is likely that you will use them much quicker. Because of the different shape and size of the charcoal in lumps and the fact that it is often a little sloppy, web treasure hunter it doesn't completely carbonize once it's made. It is common to observe pieces that bear a resemblance to the wood. Some people in fact love the wood-fire flavor from this. Briquettes, on the other hand comprise of sawdust, leftover wood and anthracite. To help hold the material together and to make it more hospitable to light, binders and other additives are used during the manufacturing. It is then put through the exact same procedure as lump charcoal, and it is heated to extreme temperatures in a low oxygen atmosphere. One of the advantages of briquettes is that they're homogeneous in size and burn more slowly. This also makes them an economical fuel source than lumps. Briquettes aren't without their flaws. I've not noticed this yet However, some have claimed that the additives may emanate a specific type of smell as they first get ignited. If you let them burn until white ash prior to cooking the food, it will taste identical. Although briquettes can burn a lot more steadier than charcoal that is lumped, don't anticipate it to reach temperatures similar to lump charcoal. One thing that isn't in favour of briquettes it creates more ash after the cooking process. Coal is a black sedimentary rock that is composed of carbon. Like other fossil fuels is made by decaying plants over many millions of years. This extremely long creating process is the reason it is the only renewable resource. The coal creation process started in the Carboniferous period which is the latter part of the Paleozoic (for all those science geeks). The Earth was covered with thick green forests at this period. Since the ocean frequently overflowed the terrain, it formed mud. Dead plants and algae were hidden beneath the layers mudand were not able to biodegrade or oxidize. Low oxygen levels cause anaerobic bacteria to start decomposing the material, and changing the matter into peat. Peat is deep buried to at least 4km depth. This leads to an lignite that is the lowest quality coal. When this process continues, and the temperature and pressure rise, higher quality coals form. The coal is a crucial ingredient in the production of steel and also fuels a lot of power plants. But, some kinds of coal produce higher temperatures than charcoal. To boost the energy density of charcoal, a lot of charcoal grills will incorporate anthracite (a pure form of coal) along with other biomass. What is Hot Coal? The glowing ember left after a wood or charcoal fire has died down. Embers are just as hot as a fire , and they can nearly always explode into flames in the event of increased airflow. They are a more stable source of heat in comparison to the open flames, you often want to wait for the charcoal or wood to melt to embers before cooking it. The colour of embers depends on how hot they are. It starts as a reddish brown spark, and then turns orange as it is burned. When the embers turn to the ashes, they slowly turn to ashes. You should always pour the water on them after you are done cooking to stop any potential flames re-igniting. Both charcoal and coal are carbon compounds, however this is where the similarities end. Both are made by nature and one through us. Additionally they differ in their purpose as well as the cost and amount of heat produced.

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